Join other fine arts parents to work on projects big or small; any time commitment is appreciated! You can join us with or without coming to our meetings – we do most of the work when it fits into our schedules…

We are seeking to expand the number of people involved in CAPA to make it an even stronger, more collaborative, and more fun organization. The more parents involved, the better our support for all of the fine arts at WHS – both visual and performance.

We are looking to fill the following roles:


  • Assists and supports President and other Board member in all CAPA actitivies


  • Maintains operation of CAPA’s website and other social medias
  • Designs graphics for event promotion

College A Cappella concerts (fall and spring)

  • PR / Marketing / Flyers

Public Relations

  • PR/Marketing coordinator – ongoing coordination for PR team
  • CAPA mailings coordinator – mail CAPA brochures in early fall
  • Writer – draft updates for school community on CAPA-sponsored activities

Performance Help

  • Theater photographer
  • Theater ticket sales at door
  • Intermission snack sales – organize contributions, run sales
  • Kisses for the cast coordinator
  • Committee members for other general theater help

Teacher Liaisons (Students)

  • Band liaison
  • Chorus liaison
  • Orchestra liaison
  • Window dance troupe liaison
Fine Arts Night Coordinator – organize and coordinate team of helpers for event in June.

We welcome any and all volunteers! Join our enthusiastic team, help support the arts program at WHS, meet new people and have some fun.
To join our team, contact us.