Thanks to Jennifer Dowling for designing our brochure and logo and Catherine Radmer for the photography in the brochure.

Thanks to Susan Yu and Kathryn Welter for running our bottle and can drive fundraisers.

Thanks to our College A Cappella committee for planning and running our biggest fundraisers: Jen Apazidis, Cindy Lewis, Wyn Calder, Wendy Pachter, Doug Sacra, Lana Murphy, Kirsten Robinson, Maureen Lampert, Cindi Slater, Karen Hughes, and Cindi Jacobs.

Thanks to our Grant Committee: Kathryn Welter, Cindy Lewis, Claire Sehringer, Deb Stubeda, Chris DiBona, Jen Dowling, Kirsten Robinson, Lana Murphy and Wendy Pachter.

Thanks to Debbie Vogt and Karen Hughes for coordinating the Fine Arts jackets and bars.

Thanks to our liaisons to the Fine Arts programs: Leigh Mountford (theater) and Deb Stubeda (visual arts)

Thanks to the Fine Arts teachers and Janet Wolbarst, Catherine Radmer and Jamie Levy for many of the photos posted on our site.

Vicky Sin is our webmaster.