2021-2022 Contributors

Thanks to Fiona Stephenson, Mina Dietzius, Gina Dallin, and all other adult and student volunteers for running our bottle and can drive fundraisers.

Thanks to our College A Cappella committee for planning and running our biggest fundraisers: Ashley Boyer, Wynn Calder, Mina Dietzius, Vicky Sin, Kristen Snyder, Fiona Stephenson

Thanks to our Grant Committee: Mina Dietzius, Vicky Sin, and Kristen Synder

Thanks to Mina Dietzius for coordinating the Fine Arts jackets and bars.

Thanks to our liaisons to the Fine Arts programs: Dora Chen, Chase Dallin, Harrison Dietzius, Madeline O’Leary

Thanks to Vicky Sin for updating the website.