February Concerts

February is a great month for music lovers and musicians’ families. Check out these concerts:

Monday, February 13, 7:30pm
Jazz Night
Middle School Auditorium
Middle School and High School jazz groups will perform.

Wednesday, February 15, 7:30 pm
String Jamboree
WHS Field House

Thursday, February 16, 7:30pm
Band Fest
WHS Field House
Bands from fourth grade through high school will perform, culminating in Bandarama, a piece that all the bands will play together.

Winter Week Plays

The following theatrical performances will take place to celebrate Winter Week:

Thursday, February 2, 7:30pm
Alison Grimm at the Edge of the World
new WHS Theater
Admission is free

Friday, February 3, 7:30pm
A Wonderful Place to Live
a set of Winter Week plays in the new Blackbox Theater in the Academic Building
Donations gratefully accepted to cover production costs

Rehearsing on the new main stage
Rehearsing on the new main stage

Solo and Chamber Music Concert

Wednesday, February 1, 7:30pm
Main Stage of WHS Auditorium

Please join the Wayland Honors Sinfonia, Honors Concert Choir and outstanding small ensembles for an eclectic evening of live music.

This will be the inaugural performance on the Main Stage of the new WHS Auditorium.

Free admission.
Bake sale.

College A Capella Concert

Waylanders have come to expect a fantastic show from College A Capella, and last night’s performance did not disappoint. The Chattertocks from Brown kicked things off with a Katie Perry – Taylor Swift mashup, and the rest of the singing groups kept the energy going all evening. We heard everything from standards (“My Funny Valentine,” also sung by the Chattertocks) to folk (Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” from the MIT Chorallaries) to calypso (“Kiss the Girl,” performed by the “very serious” T-Tones and two “volunteer” audience members) to rock (“Grey Street” from the Madrigals). In a poignant moment, the Muses performed “Shape of You” in memory of Lauren Dunne Astley. They also donated CD sale proceeds to Astley’s memorial fund. The last group to perform was Yale Baker’s Dozen, featuring Wayland’s own Bobby Dresser — he got a big round of applause for his solo!

CAPA thanks the performers and everyone who worked behind the scenes to pull off another successful benefit concert for WHS Fine Arts programs.


Q&A with Pat Tutwiler: New Fine Arts Requirement

Principal Pat Tutwiler was the guest of honor at the CAPA meeting on November 29. He and Susan Memoli presented information about the new fine arts graduation requirement and took questions from CAPA members.

After several years of discussion and research, Wayland decided to make one year of fine arts education a requirement for graduation. This gives all students an opportunity to experience the arts and achieve the highest order in Bloom’s taxonomy of educational skills, to create. 46% of Massachusetts high schools (and a larger percentage of Wayland’s peer towns) have fine arts requirements.

Prior to the new requirement, about half of Wayland students took fine arts courses at some point during their four years of high school. All students will now be required to take one year (which can be split into two semester courses or satisfied by independent study) of fine arts. Because the requirement can be spread over four years, Mr. Tutwiler does not expect excessive demands on arts faculty, equipment and materials. Ms. Memoli emphasized that the music history, chorus, orchestra and band programs in particular could readily absorb more students. Visual arts classes have also increased class sizes from 12 to 15 to accommodate more students, and new classes in guitar, songwriting and improvisation have been added to appeal to students with interests outside the traditional offerings.

Some courses and extracurricular activities, while educational and creative, do not meet the fine arts requirement. These include theater productions, private music lessons, ensembles and other extracurriculars that do not include assessments, as well as the TV journalism courses.

CAPA members observed that the new requirement could mean higher staffing needs, more demand on popular classes, more requests for funding, more kids at Fine Arts awards night, and more Fine Arts jackets. Mr. Tutwiler and Mrs. Memoli observed that, “These are good problems to have” because it means more kids are excited about the arts.

20 Wayland musicians qualify for Senior District Festival

CAPA congratulates the following students who auditioned on November 19 and qualified to participate in the Senior District Festival of the Massachusetts Eastern District. The festival takes place on January 7-8, 2012 at the Boston Latin School. Students with asterisks (*) in front of their names were recommended to audition for All State.


Myra Afzal, Bassoon
Robin Schectman, Clarinet
Eric Von Rohr, String Bass


*Anna Lifland, Alto
David Dines, Tenor
Theo Hieronymus, Tenor
Daniel Worstell, Tenor
Larry Guo, Baritone
Brendan Murphy, Baritone


Andrew Chen, Violin
*Ryan Budnick, Clarinet
Nichole Bell, Viola
Madeline Memoli, Viola
*Hae Kim, Cello
*Andrew Laven, Cello
Catilin O’Keeffe, Cello
Caitlyn Pineault, Cello
Katherine Wang, Cello
Nicholas Conrdy, String Bass
Austin Wong, String Bass

CAPA announces funding grants

CAPA is pleased to announce that we have funded the following grants to support the arts:

  • Two art carts to help visual arts faculty transport art equipment
  • A specially equipped laptop to manage lighting and effects for performing arts
  • Assist with purchasing a new bassoon, percussion mallets and sticks for the band program
  • An upgrade to Finale music composition software
  • Professional development sessions to help faculty make best use of new music technology

The total of all grants awarded is $4457.70, all made possible through CAPA fundraising activities. You can help support future grant awards by making a donation.


High Attendance at Elementary Rental Night

The Creative Arts Parent Association hosts Elementary Rental Night each September for elementary families with beginning musicians. We invite vendors of string and band instruments to Wayland as a courtesy for parents, so that they can rent an instrument for their children without trekking out of town.

This year’s event brought a very long line of string families to the Johnson String tables, along with a steady flow of visitors to the Leonard’s Music stand. We would like to note that families are by no means obligated to rent from these companies, or even to attend the rental night. We offer it simply as a convenience for those who are interested.

Adorable quote of the night: Asked why he chose the viola as his instrument, a young boy replied, “Well, it sounds nice. But the real reason is that my grandmother’s name is Viola.”