High Attendance at Elementary Rental Night

The Creative Arts Parent Association hosts Elementary Rental Night each September for elementary families with beginning musicians. We invite vendors of string and band instruments to Wayland as a courtesy for parents, so that they can rent an instrument for their children without trekking out of town.

This year’s event brought a very long line of string families to the Johnson String tables, along with a steady flow of visitors to the Leonard’s Music stand. We would like to note that families are by no means obligated to rent from these companies, or even to attend the rental night. We offer it simply as a convenience for those who are interested.

Adorable quote of the night: Asked why he chose the viola as his instrument, a young boy replied, “Well, it sounds nice. But the real reason is that my grandmother’s name is Viola.”


“Art Around Town” at Middlesex Savings Bank

This year the Creative Arts Parent Association, in collaboration with high school art teachers Janet Armentano and Mike Rumrill, started “Art Around Town”, a townwide art exhibition to showcase student artwork and get it out into the community.

This first year we were fortunate that the Middlesex Savings Bank came on board, offering lobby display space for these fantastic art pieces. Be sure to stop by the bank to take a look! The artwork was just put up – and there is even talk of having ongoing display space at the bank for our student artwork!!

In our pilot year, we were disappointed that more local busineses did not participate and are hoping more will come on board next year. Thank you to volunteer Kay D’Orlando, who did the legwork and got our pilot started! And thank you to Janet and Mike, who volunteered their time to transport and hang all the pieces.

The Creative Arts Parent Association approved a grant to purchase the display panels that are used for this exhibition. The panels are available for use by the entire fine arts department (one was also standing in the Little Theater lobby during Les Mis to display cast information). We are excited to add this equipment to the department and look forward to seeing it in action many times in the future!

Les Miserables Lights Up the Little Theater

Congratulations to the cast, crew, musicians and directors of Les Miserables – the production wowed audiences four nights in a row! It is always inspiring, refreshing and amazing to watch these performances…

Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed to the show, and a huge thank you to Richard Weingartner and Art Finstein for their hard work, dedication and expertise.





New By-Laws & Funding Guidelines Approved

We are excited to update our organization’s by-laws and draft funding guidelines to clearly define what we stand for and support, as we collaborate with the fine arts teachers at WHS. At our March membership meeting, the recommendations set forth by the by-law/funding guidelines sub-committee were approved by membership:

CAPA Funding Guidelines March 2011

CAPA By-Laws March 2011

Note that this by-law document has been altered due to legal requirements. At the April meeting we will briefly address and discuss these changes.