Welcome to the new school year!

Welcome back!

CAPA, the Creative Arts Parent Association, has already held our first meeting of the year and we have many wonderful things planned, including our signature events, the Fall and Spring A Cappella fundraising concerts. Watch this space for details, or sign up for our email list for monthly updates.

We always welcome new members and volunteers to work with CAPA. Does your child participate in band, orchestra, chorus, theater, dance, or visual arts at Wayland High School? Would you like to help promote the arts and fund special opportunities, classes, and supplies that aren’t covered by the school budget? If so, here are some ways you can participate:

  • join us for a meeting
  • sign up for our monthly email list (form at right)
  • volunteer – we have plenty of small jobs
  • make a donation

We hope to see you at a CAPA meeting or event soon! For more information about CAPA, browse this web site, check your mail for our new brochure, or contact us.

Many thanks to CAPA volunteers Jennifer Dowling for designing our new brochure and logo, and Catherine Radmer for the great photography in the brochure.